Remote Support

Desktop Remote Support:Your privacy and security are critical.

Don’t let just anyone access your personal computer, trust the local reputable team here at Techsbotics INC!

In order to provide our clients with the highest level of privacy, security and safety, we’ve invested in the most advanced technology available. METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR SECURING KEYSTROKES FROM BEING INTERCEPTED BETWEEN THE KEYBOARD AND A BROWSER United States Patent (10) Patent N0.2 US 8,566,608 B2 All sessions are fully encrypted.

An honest approach to remote support.
Remote support offers a lot of great capabilities and convenience, however this type of support does have substantial limitations. Many providers claim that just about any issue can be resolved remotely, and unfortunately this simply isn’t the case. Many critical and fundamental hardware components can only be properly tested by powering down the system and booting to special diagnostic tools or removing/testing hardware components. Often, hands on access to a computer is needed for proper evaluation and repair. For example, in cases where data recovery is needed, remote support will actually heighten the risk of data loss. Additionally virus and malware infections shouldn’t be worked on remotely, and should be scanned by connecting to a known healthy system to run malware scans. We’ve provided a short list of situations where remote IT service is great, and some instances where it just doesn’t cut it.

Remote support is a great solution for:
• Installing or updating a software applications.
• Adding peripherals such as a printer or camera.
• Installing the latest security and performance updates.
• Removing unneeded applications to boost system performance.
• Installing or updating system drivers.
• System cleanups to maximize performance and stability.
• Getting assistance with learning or using a new or program.
• Setting up and managing backups to protect from data loss.
• Assistance with organizing files and folders.
• Removing conflicts and compatibility issues.